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Cannes Lions 2024
Trends & Takeaways

Executive Summary

Cannes Lions returned to the French Riviera, captivating the industry with a wealth of inspiration and enriched by the presence of new influencers including creators, sports stars, and a surge of retail media entrants.

A focal point this year was the invaluable opportunity for marketers to exchange insights in intimate settings. They navigated the challenge of achieving more with less while staying abreast of technological advancements. MediaLink’s Daily Double programming and roundtable sessions covering AI and creativity, the future of content and commerce, leadership and values, the intersection of sports and culture and more yielded practical solutions developed throughout the week.

This year's festival buzzed with a blend of star power and optimism, tempered by a compelling urgency to tackle the industry's most pressing issues. Here are some of the trends that captured marketers' attention and piqued our interest the most:

Redefining Efficiency: AI is revolutionizing industries, transforming how marketers streamline processes and boost efficiency dramatically. Brands and media companies will be expected to move faster and operate more efficiently going forward.

Reshaping the Creative Process, Slowly: The future of Gen AI lies in its ability to build synergistic relationships with our industry, not in replacing human expertise and creativity.

Cracking Gen Z's Code: Marketers are adapting to Gen Z's distinct media behaviors, seeking social media-savvy talent to unlock new avenues of engagement. Brands, media companies and agencies need to bring in talent that “speaks” social.

Grabbing the Sports Opportunity: Star athletes dominated the Croisette. Live sports and athlete endorsements are wielding increasing influence, with athletes asserting more control over partnerships and social media impact.

Navigating the Path of Purpose: In the quest for diversity, inclusion, and purpose-driven marketing, brands face evolving expectations and the delicate balance of societal alignment.

Connecting the Dots across Commerce Media: As the entrance of new media sellers serve varying needs, brands are challenged with determining a strategy that leverages the unique strengths of many offerings.

Download our full Cannes Lions Trends & Takeaways for highlights from the conversations that emerged on stage and in boardrooms, offering our perspective on what marketers can bring back to their desks in the coming months and apply to actionable strategies.

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