Future Factors: Metaverse Case Study
Future Factors: Panel
Future Factors: Fireside Chat
Future Factors: A Special Session with BECA Future Leaders
Future Factors 

Metaverse Study with Joe Kessler, United Talent Agency & Heather Pieske, Vox Media

Panel featuring Jaci Hays, FaZe Clan; Sheryl Goldstein, IAB; Jennifer Palacios, MediaLink; Taj Alavi, Spotify; Stevie Archer, SS+K & Joy Robins,  The Washington Post

Fireside Chat with Anton Vincent, Mars Wrigley; Michael Kassan, MediaLink & Aline Santos, Unilever

A Special Session with Black Executive CMO Alliance Future Leaders  featuring Jerri DeVard, BECA; Charisse Williams, Deloitte; Omar Moore, PayPal & Tiffany Anthony, UPS

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Evolving Media Landscape: A Fireside Chat (Salesforce & Yahoo)
Evolving Media Landscape: Panel
Evolving Media Landscape: Fireside Chat (NBA & Snap)
Evolving Media Landscape

Fireside Chat with Michael Kassan, MediaLink; Sarah Franklin, Salesforce & Jim Lanzone, Yahoo 

Panel featuring Amy Leifer, DIRECTV; Sherry Phillips, Forbes; Meredith Herman, GSK; Ben Hovaness, OMG; David Lawenda, Paramount & David Kline, Spectrum Reach

Fireside Chat with Christopher Vollmer, MediaLink; Kate Jhaveri, NBA & Kenny Mitchell, Snap

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Purpose-Led Transformation: An Inspired Conversation with Malala Yousafzai
Purpose-Led Transformation: A Fireside Chat
Purpose-Led Transformation: Panel
Purpose-Led Transformation

 An Inspired Conversation with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai & Darnell Strom, United Talent Agency

Fireside Chat with Marisa Thalberg, Lowe’s; Michael Kassan, MediaLink & Todd Kaplan, Pepsi 

Panel featuring Bess Spaeth, American Express; Juliana Wurzburger, Anheuser-Busch; Gayle Troberman, iHeartMedia;  Najoh Tita-Reid, Logitech; Shachar Scott, Meta Reality Labs & Kerry Hemmerich, Spark Foundry

Followed by a Special Conversation with Paris Hilton & Michael Kassan at 5:00 PM at the Salesforce Team Earth Cafe
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Content, Commerce & Communities: A Fireside Chat
Content, Commerce and Communities: Panel
Content, Commerce & Communities

Fireside Chat with Michael Kassan, MediaLink & Marc Pritchard, P&G

Panel featuring Dan Peres, Ad Age; Abi Harmon, Ascential; Glen Conybeare, Reprise Commerce; Julie Saxon, The Weather Company and IBM Watson Advertising & Seth Dallaire, Walmart Connect
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